What is XerumFree™?

After more than half a century of cell culture, XerumFree™ proposes a new concept in the field: culturing cells without the use of serum, particularly fetal bovine serum (FBS) and without any animal-derived components.

XerumFree™ is a serum replacement for all cell culture practices that is chemically defined and thus avoids lot-to-lot variations. It has been developed taking into account what is missing in the existing basal cell culture media to sustain growth of all cell types, which is a nutritional approach at the cellular level.

We have one version available suitable for mammalian- stem and insect cells. On request we (help to) define a combination of XerumFree™ with cell culture equipment and services for special cases: XerumFree™ in a box.

This products has 4 features unique features, combined unrivaled in the market; no other products as more the 2:
1) it is universal for mammalian cells and stem cells and even insect cells
2) it is fully defined,
3) it is animal-component free, even the raw materials are produced animal free
4) it is GMP-produced

Test XerumFree™
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Product code: XerumFree
Name: XerumFree™
Price: 488 EUR
Quantity: 500 ml
Address to order: http://www.antibody-antibodies.com/be/product1947852-search-XerumFree%E2%84%A2.html


XerumFree™ is sterile packed in bottles of 100 ml or 500 ml. Each we can ship as a single, 12 or 48 pack. Special packaging can be delivered on request.


Unlike we planned befor there will be no special stem cell version of XerumFree™ and that is for a reason: the GMP version works perfect with stem cells.


There is only one version of XerumFree™ and it is GMP certified, making sure you have the best quality available.